Flower Care Guide

You can generally expect your flowers to last 4-7 days provided they are cared for correctly. Flowers will always last longer if they are well looked after, please refer to our flower care guide below. The Love Bud is not responsible for lack of care once delivered, such as not placing in freshwater, a spike in temperature, or how they have been handled and transported once they leave our care however if you have any concerns please contact us at hello@thelovebud.com.au so that we can help you rectify these situations if possible.

Some steps that will help your flowers to last as long as possible: 

Care Instructions :

Bouquets / Vase Arrangements:

  • Fill your vase with just under half of water
  • Add flower food sachet that has been provided
  • Remove wrapping but keep flowers tied as they have been arranged
  • Cut around 2cm off the bottom of the stems on an angle with sharp scissors
  • Remove any excess leaves that will sit below your water line
  • Avoid any direct sunlight, air conditioners & fans/heaters
  • Keep flowers away from ripening fruit
  • In 2 days time, re-cut the stems again on an angle, and change your water


  • Check your arrangement daily through either the side or back of container to ensure the floral foam is moist
  • If your floral foam is dry, add 1 glass of water in to container – either through the side or back of arrangement
  • Continue to check daily and add more water if needed to keep floral foam moist